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The International Health Regulations (2005)

The International Health Regulations (2005) are a legally binding instrument of international law that aims to a) assist countries to work together to save lives and livelihoods endangered by the international spread of diseases and other health risks and b) avoid unnecessary interference with international trade and travel. The purpose and scope of IHR 2005 […]

Lessons from the deaths of doctors and nurses from Covid-19 worldwide. An analysis, and a tribute.

Dr Rajeev Jayadevan 29.4.20 Note: This document is not meant for the general public. It is created exclusively for healthcare workers and policy makers, to make the healthcare system a safer place for themselves, for patients and for the community. While adopting strategies to reduce COVID-related deaths among healthcare workers, it must be noted that […]

The Great Covid fiasco……

Now , it’s almost certain that lock down is going to be extended. Role of private Drs and Nursing homes continues to be in confusion. Clear cut policy and directions are clearly lacking. I haven’t been able to understand till now ….what’s my role. I should be doing my work as stated by government. Well […]