Inside Story, Sion Hospital-22

We have all been going through this pandemic, affecting the world in its brutal ways, and made us standstill. Disturbing for each one in different ways.

Things are different in different parts of India.

In Mumbai, it’s the side which you may not have seen and I wish you never get to see it.

Mumbai itself has already crossed 11,000 patients, more than 20% of India and situation seems worsening. I’m posted in EMS(Emergency Medical Services) at night. In our shift, I daily see 3-4 patients dying in front of me even after adequate efforts. We have 22-24 patients who are tachypneic, hypoxic (Respiratory Rate >20) waiting to be shifted to wards and all on Oxygen (scene is horrifying to share). We are opening up new ward every 2nd 3rd day, which are getting occupied in a day. Nair hospital is accepting positive patients and is already full (covid hospital). It is disheartening to see ppl dying in front of our eyes. People elder than you touching your feet for doing something to save their mother/ brother/ father/son.90% of them say they had been traveling all the way from Vasai, Virar, Navi Mumbai which are 40-60kms from Mumbai for 2 days searching for hospitals to get their relative admitted. I’ve seen men crying, pleading, touching our feet for the admission.

We have inadequate staff, wardboy, sisters and Oxygen, ICU. All of our exam going seniors are working hard, they have come back to work and professors are doing what is best. Gastro residents are seeing more Covid than hepatitis, Cardio is seeing more Covids than MIs, Anesthetists, Surgeons, Ortho ppl and other dept are being posted in Covid related duties.

Videos are being circulated with comments saying that “Dead bodies are kept besides the patients”. Have we lost our senses to act like this? We are doing our best, lack of resources and extra burden is responsible.

Those saying this please ask the doctors working at the grass-root level for the explanation rather than defaming the hospital.

– Dr. Aditya Burje, 2nd yr Med resident

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