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Each virus has its unique pattern of spread, and scientists are starting to get a handle on how the novel coronavirus behaves. This understanding is making it possible to rank the risks of different activities from high to low to trivial. The most informative studies show how the disease is spreading in the real world […]


COVID-19 Protection: N95 mask or respirators can be harmful to certain individuals with breathing problems and heart issues and also long term usage of these mask can also lead to serious medical conditions. Unlike surgical mask, N95 mask or respirators an actually cut of oxygen supply by up to 20 percent coupled with the fact […]


 रजज री स.ं डी.एल.-33004/99 REGD. NO. D. L.-33004/99 स.ं 174] No. 174] ऄसाधारण EXTRAORDINARY भाग III—ख ड 4 PART III—Section 4 ाजधकार से काजित PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY नइ दद ली, बहृ पजतिार, मइ 14, 2020/ििै ाख 24, 1942 NEW DELHI, THURSDAY, MAY 14, 2020/VAISAKHA 24, 1942 भारतीय अय ु ि ान पररषद् के ऄजध […]


 YOUR Plan of Action TO BE FIT, FINE & HEALTHY LIFE-LONG   Continuously living in the hormones of stress, fear and anxiety will just invite more diseases. Instead let us start living with more awareness and right knowledge.  IMMUNITY BOOSTING FOODS  DRUMSTICKS – Drumstick is one of the superfoods which helps […]