Daily Archives: 16/05/2020

Covid precautions

Finally something smart about this: “Dr. FAHEM YUNUS, Head of the Infectious Disease Clinic – University of Maryland USA: “1-We’ll live with C19 for months… Let’s not deny or panic. Let’s not make our lives useless. Let’s learn to be happy and live with this fact. 2-The virus won’t reduce its effect in summer. It’s […]

Mnemonics for diagnostic criteria of DSM mental disorders

Neurodevelopmental disorders Intellectual disability ‘During development Intellects adapt by conceptual, social and practical support.’ Onset during developmental period. Deficits in intellectual functions. Deficits in adaptive functioning. Severity defined on the basis of adaptive functioning in conceptual, social and practical domains that determine the level of supports required. Language disorder ‘Express or Comprehend words, sentences, discourses […]