Is C-19 Crisis a WAR & Drs it’s


“No, this pandemic is not a war.

Nations do not stand against nations, nor soldiers against soldiers. “

The everyday language used to describe the pandemic suggests that this is a WAR.

It is portrayed as a battle against a cruel enemy that must be defeated and at the “front line”are healthcare professionals who put themselves at risk.

We’re not “fighting” an “invisible enemy.”

We’re trying to stop unthinking strands of RNA,The Virus,from self-replicating by systematically altering our own behavior !!

Don’t label Drs as Warriors so that all the difficulties,abuses & shortcomings can be brushed under the carpet by glorifying us as soldiers.

Don’t forcefully try to make Martyrs out of us.

We are humans and will keep on doing what is humanly possible,provided we get all the necessary support , tools & protection along with encouragement.

The ideological challenge is to move away from pedestalized martyrdom and toward action that ensures protected and healthy lives for all.

The heroic acclaim of “Warriors “suggest that we should make the “ultimate sacrifice”, but we are ready to accept the risk provided our our government and society is not reckless with our lives.

The narrative of”Heroising” is disturbing.

Lionizing slogans-

“Health Care Heroes,” “Thank you for risking your life for us,”

“Salute our brave soldiers” are becoming popular at a time when conditions for health care workers are worsening by the day. When our society’s appreciation for health care workers swells into a kind of hero-worship, it becomes too easy to avoid confronting the structural failures that have been exposed by this pandemic.

Public empathy is important and valued at a time like this. Without it, our suffering would be ignored even more, and we’d feel more burned out and demoralized.

But we need much more than this.

Improving our working conditions is more important than society glorifying the struggle through hero narratives. We are applauded for endangering our lives to help others, but in reality, there is seldom a choice.

“We’re not Heroes as much as we are desperate & bound”

We’re not willingly working unprotected every day; we have to.

In this sense, we’re not heroes as much as we’re desperate and bound, trapped in disempowering working conditions and with few alternatives because we’ve sacrificed too much time and money to pursue our professions.

The truth is, nobody wants to be a hero.

We just want to be safe.

The death of health care workers on the front lines of this crisis is a kind of murder, one that demands sweeping change.

Our ‘Moral Duty’ argument should not make us ‘Sacrificial Goats’.

The war analogy is a clever ploy by govts to shift the onus on to the people by appealing to their Resilience & try to shirk it’s responsibility.

Historically governments have been often reluctant to disclose about actual losses in battle to their people,lest national morale is undermined and popular discontent grows;same in C19,where more than often, real & accurate picture is not presented.

Covid-19 is a universal threat to the entire mankind. This is why, as we develop the responses we need to, we should veer away from the language of conflict and think in terms of cooperation in a global effort.

“This crisis is a test of our humanity.

It brings out the best and worst in people.

Let’s show each other the best in us.”

Hope…u guys don’t label it as Selfishness

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