The Power of Prayers

French pilot Ronald Nikson was flying his plane along with his four colleagues & was trying to locate the defence facilities of german army during world war 1. Nikson in order to have the clear views of german defence sites he took risk & lowered his plane.His plane was hit & went in to flames. Some how Nikson managed to take the plane back to French territory. It was later known that Nikson was non believer in God. Soon he realized his plane was loosing hieght & there was no chance of survival. He then murmered, if there is a God save me.The plane then crashed & all his four colleagues died .Nikson went in to coma & remained in coma for two months.After regaining consciousness Nikson remembered his prayers to God. He felt that he must meet God & speak to him ,the one who saved him . Nikson started going to churches reading bible & met various relgious leaders . He enquired from various sources as to where he can find God . He was told by many that if you want to meet God then India is the only place where you find him. Nikson came to India & became professor of english in lucknow university. Later he read almost all important indian religious books met many sanyasis & dharmgurus. He was given the name of SRI KRISHNA PREM and later established a ashram in the name UTTER VRINDAVAN at mirtoli in utter pradesh.
Such an incident is not an isolated one where ones prayer is heard. There must be millions & millions where the prayers are heard & also not heard. Even Niksons four companions must have prayed for them selves but remained unheard.
Simply speaking what you can do ,do it. What you cant do pray for it. Prayers happen when you are grateful & also happen when you feel utterly helpless. Some times prayers happen by itself when you suddenly feel hopeless. I remember once i was flying from delhi to mubmai . The plane suddenly lost hieght & sank with a very rude jerk . This was followed by very violent turbulance lasting for about 5 mnts. Everybody was trerrfied & seen praying . There must be both believers & non believers in God in the plane but ultimately all the passengers were saved.Emperor Akhber prayed at many relgious places for being blessed with a son & ultimately he was blessed with prince Salim.
Our indian medical association has a beatiful prayer. The prayer says that everybody in the universe should be happy healthy & disease free.Nobody should undergo any suffering. The doctor making prayer neither seeks kingdom or heaven for himself & nor salvation. He only wishes for all people to remain disease free & pain free.
Do you know that more prayers are done in hospitals than in all the relgious places combined together.Prayer need not always be a demand; it could be thanks giving or expression of humility & gratitude.Once swami Vivekananda was asked what does be gain by prayers ? Swami ji replied, “i gain nothing, infact i loose anger, hatred, jealousy and insecurity if i have.”
Great people of all times have experienced & confirmed that prayer is the powerful resort available to us & there is no obstacle coming from within or without which can stand against it. We are facing an enormous calamity. Let 1.35 millon people jointly pray for a minute or two or more daily in whatever way or form we prefer ,corona is bound to be defeated.

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