Dehradun song

One of the 50th Anniversary of rarest BEATLE songs… ‘Dehradun’ by GEORGE HARRISON –

It is one of the rarest Beatles’ songs. The words of the haunting song capture the gypsy-like spirit of the town, especially as it used to be in the sixties.

The lyrics of the song:

_‘Dehra Dehra Dun,

_Dehra Dun Dun_

_Dehra Dehra Dun_

_Dehra Dun Dun_

_Many Roads can take you there_

_Many different ways_

_One direction takes you weeks_

_Another takes you days_

_Many people on the roads_

_Looking at the sights_

_Many others with their troubles_

_Looking for their rights_

_See them move along the roads_

_In search of a life divine_

_Beggars in a gold mine_

_Dehra Dehra Dun__

Dehra Dun Dun_

Harrison composed the number titled “Dehra Dun” in the spring of the year 1968, during the time the group was in Rishikesh. This song was sung by Harrison and remained unavailable for years. It was not included in any album but its studio recording can now be heard. It is one of the rarest Beatles’ songs.

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