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Academic degrees or professional experience- Which is more important legally? Dr. MC Gupta answers

M3 India Newsdesk Oct 10, 2019 A A A Read on to find the right answer from Dr. MC Gupta, who also defines the scope of work for MBBS doctors, general surgeons, and DNB trained professionals. Which is more important legally—Academic Degrees or professional experience? ANSWER 1—The answer to this question is straightforward. In general, […]

Positive Psychology Takes a New Look at Happiness

When happiness means more than feeling good. Posted Jul 07, 2020 The emphasis in positive psychology has, since its inception, focused on happiness as the key feature of well-being. The most widely-used survey studies of well-being typically ask participants to rate their current, momentary, happiness on a scale of 1 to 10. Using these results, […]