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Consumer Protection Act – 2019 and Rule – 2020

From 20/07/2020 it is to be implemented by Notification in Gazette After this news I have received almost 500 messages from different parts of India. A few were congratulating for removal of medical professionals from the ambit of CPA-2020 now on. I felt that rather than replying all individually I should put forward my stand […]

Comparison on Consumer Protection Act 1986 with the New Consumer Protection Act 2019 notified on 20.07.2020 for implementation.

By N.Naresh Kumar, HRO, NICL. In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (3) of section 1 of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 (35 of 2019), the Central Government hereby appoints the 20th day of July, 2020 as the date on which the following provisions of the said Act shall come into force. Objective of […]


Doctor Patricio Avendaño, a cardiologist at U. De Chile who attends the German clinic, points out the tips to avoid contagion: * The virus is not a living organism, but a protein molecule (DNA) covered by a protective layer of lipids (fat) that, when absorbed by the cells of the ocular, nasal or oral mucosa, […]

*COVID Treatment Protocol : simplified*. 29/ 05/20

1) *All covid positive patients* * *Tab HCQ* 400 twice a day for 1 day Then 200 twice a day for 4- 9 days * *Tab Oseltamivir* 1-0-1 for 5 days * *Tab Ivermectin* 12mg twice a day for 2 days * *Tab Doxy* 100 twice a day for 5 days. ( In case of […]

“Covid Straight Drives”

*Salient points *1.* Having symptoms, fever high grade, cold, sore throat, cough, malaise at this time of Pandemic should be taken as suspected covid. *2.* Day 2 to Day 5 of symptoms to get the Real Time PCR and more likely to come positive. (at present so called gold standard) No Antigen test. *3.* HRCT […]

Lessons learned from 108 doctor deaths in India:

Dr Rajeev Jayadevan, 16 July (Link to original paper and other references are embedded/hyperlinked in the text below) 1. No age group appears to be immune to the pandemic. Unlike western countries where most of the deaths are among older age groups, published mortality data from Maharashtra and UP show that over 60% of deaths […]

*From Dr. Fauci…*

“Chickenpox is a virus. Lots of people have had it, and probably don’t think about it much once the initial illness has passed. But it stays in your body and lives there forever, and maybe when you’re older, you have debilitatingly painful outbreaks of shingles. You don’t just get over this virus in a few […]