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The Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment for New Coronavirus Pneumonia

The Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment for New Coronavirus Pneumonia Fanjun Cheng Yu Zhang Editors  1 3                                       […]


All the doctors here, please believe that you have no less brain than a lawyer. Consider the following facts: 1. CPA 1986 did not have healthcare included in the Letter (text) of the law. The text of the law in terms of definition of services remains same in CPA 2019. 2. SC interpreted CPA 1986 […]

why did I choose this profession?

There will be days when you wake up in the morning and ask the universe – why did I choose this profession? Most people who’re doctors are those who start reading for the highly competitive medical entrance after their 10th boards (some start earlier but I believe one should enjoy their childhood instead of running […]

219 virus

There are 219 virus species that are known to be able to infect humans. The first of these to be discovered was yellow fever virus in 1901, and three to four new species are still being found every year. Extrapolation of the discovery curve suggests that there is still a substantial pool of undiscovered human […]

How to increase opd

 History of professional etiquette Hospitals as we know them didn’t exist until the first Muslim-built “bimaristan” was established in Baghdad in 9th AD. Till late 19th century AD, doctors occupied a fairly low status in the society. From Roman times and throughout the European middle ages, doctors were subjected to and endured any indignity […]