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A Reality Check on Suicides in India

          BROOKINGS INDIA IMPACT SERIES DEVELOPMENT AND GOVERNANCE                    A Reality Check on Suicides in India DR. SHAMIKA RAVI JUNE 2015 Brookings India IMPACT SERIES  Editor’s Note: […]

Scientists Explain COVID-19 Re-infection

Scientists Explain COVID-19 Re-infection November 30, 2020 A large number of people continue to get infected with COVID-19 and so do a large number of patients recover. In some cases, people are testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 again or are experiencing a recurrence of clinical symptoms. Some scientists believe that a positive retest is due to […]

Covid guidelines

 Abbreviations Table of Contents 1. ExecutiveSummary 2. Introduction:COVID-19,Prevention,Vaccines –  About COVID-19 –  Prevention of COVID-19 –  Vaccines for COVID-19 o Background o Type of vaccines o Dose and schedule 3. MultilevelGovernanceMechanism (national, state, district and sub-district) 4. IntersectoralConvergence 5. Human Resources: Training & Capacity Building –  Cascaded training plan –  Three phases of training […]