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Covid vaccine

 A Brief Introduction to Covid-19 Vaccines Khusro Arastu, MD skarastu@aol.com December 2020    Types of Covid-19 Vaccines  • Active Immunity (Vaccination) • DNAVaccine(Inovio) • RNAVaccine(Moderna,Pfizer) • Viral Vector (Oxford/AstraZeneca, CanSino Biologics, Janssen (J & J), Gamalaya-Sputnik) • ViralSubunit(Novavax,AdaptVac,CloverBiopharma) • Live Attenuated (Codagenix, Indian Immunologicals Ltd.) • Inactivated Virus (SinoVac, SinoParm) • […]


Prof. Dr. Sundeep Mishra provides a quick prescription guide for the selection and dosage of vasopressors (adrenalin, nor-adrenalin, dopamine or others) used in the treatment of different types of shocks. Click to read other articles from Dr. Sundeep Mishra. For our comprehensive coverage and latest updates on COVID-19 click here. Various agents increase blood pressure acting on […]