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Differential diagnosis of Dementia; what to look for in baseline investigations?: Dr. Prithika Chary

M3 India Newsdesk Aug 26, 2019 A A A Dr. Prithika Chary discusses how simple investigations can be used to make a differential diagnosis of dementia and with the help of two cases explains the approach taken to diagnose and treat such patients. The DSM – IV criteria for definition of the dementia syndrome are […]


 Abbreviations Table of Contents 1. ExecutiveSummary 2. Introduction:COVID-19,Prevention,Vaccines –  About COVID-19 –  Prevention of COVID-19 –  Vaccines for COVID-19 o Background o Type of vaccines o Dose and schedule 3. MultilevelGovernanceMechanism (national, state, district and sub-district) 4. IntersectoralConvergence 5. Human Resources: Training & Capacity Building –  Cascaded training plan –  Three phases of training […]

letter by Dr V.N .Shrikhande

I think you will enjoy reading this letter by Dr V.N .Shrikhande a professor emeritus of surgery and GI surgery now age about 90. It will teach you that life goes on and always be optimistic and grateful 👇 Dear Dr Aniruddh Trivedi 10 years back on December 7th 2010 you operated on me to […]