Summary of Dr Gangakhedkar’s(ICMR) lecture:

About 22-23% of population has developed immunity in India so far. Safe herd immunity is 58-74%, which will take 5-6 years for the whole world.

No Covid mutants in India because of short survival time of the morbid patients( not enough time for the virus for mutation). Nobody globally received a specific Antiviral agent , so no question of drug resistance by mutation.

No mutation in Spike protein so far.

which is the best immunogenic antigen.

HCW are very vulnerable as they have 8 times more risk of getting infected.

Indian companies, Genova and Emcure have applied for development of mRNA vaccine in India.

Though efficacy differs for all the vaccines, 50% efficacy is good enough , says WHO.

Those affected by Covid will also need vaccine as 1- Natural immunity lasts for 6-8 months while vaccine (2 doses 28 days apart ) will last for 6 years.

2-It will act as a booster dose.

Don’t take vaccine during Covid illness or post Covid illness for 6-12 weeks.

3-No definite cutoff value of IgG to make vaccine unnecessary.

No harm in taking the second dose even if there was a mild reaction to first dose.

No choice for selecting a vaccine as presently its supplied by the Government only.

Real data of vaccine efficacy will be known after 10-12 years.

A vaccination certificate will be mandatory for international travel to avoid quarantine.

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