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Covid treatment and sudden death

COVID-19 treatments, QT interval, and arrhythmic risk: The need for an international registry on arrhythmias Lia Crotti, MD, PhD and Elena Arbelo, MD, PhD, MSc Additional article information In December 2019, the Chinese public health authorities reported several cases of acute respiratory syndrome in the city of Wuhan caused by the novel severe acute respiratory […]

*Tips on Selecting the right oxygen concentrator.*

The most important is to understand Covid patients require 90% Oxygen concentration at 1to 5Litre flow and above to 10L when they are suffering with acute respiratory discomfort. *90% oxygen concentration is the most important point here.* 1. We can break down oxygen concentrator into small (5 to 10 kg) oxygen concentrator suitable for COPD […]

*Covid Update-130*

COVID SECOND WAVE *Guiding Principles* 1. RT-PCR may be negative-(read ORF/Rdrp and N/E gene as S gene may not be detectable). 2. Diagnosis (If RT-PCR negative) Clinical symptoms, Serum Markers CT Chest. 3. Loss of smell is equal to RT-PCR 4. Virus stops replicating after 9 days. 5. Around15 minutes of exposure is required to […]