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COVID management – RULE OF three

COVID management – RULE OF 3 **3 must remember warning signs –  High grade fever even after 5 days –  Increasing dry cough while sleeping,talking –  Exhaustion,exertional dyspnea (worsening from before) *3 reasons for late presentation –  Attributing fever to post vaccination and waiting( post vaccination fever is never more than 48 hrs) –  Using […]

*Excoriation (skin picking) disorder*

*Excoriation (skin picking) disorder* Dear Colleague, Did you know that Excoriation (skin picking) disorder is a new, separate, formal diagnosis in DSM-5? It is included in the chapter on Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders. Its ICD-10 code is F42.4. *Why is it important for mental health professionals to know about?* 1. Personal and social impairment can […]

Deoxy-D+Glucose (2-DG)

The Chemistry of Corona drug developed by DRDO is said to be a big game changer. It is 2-Deoxy-D+Glucose (2-DG) which is likely to be marketed very soon. The hero behind this discovery is said to be the Scientist, Dr. Anil Kumar Mishra who hails from Balia (UP), obtained his M.Sc.(Chemsitry) degree from Gorakhpur University […]

The COVID wave India is facing now, USA has already faced.

The COVID wave India is facing now, USA has already faced. US has a population of 328.2 MILLION, as opposed to India’s population of 1.36 BILLION. USA had 599,863 COVID related deaths. USA has one of the best healthcare infrastructures, USA has resources,has money. Yet, how many of you know USA underwent immense struggle during […]