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Part of complaint filed in court

Have a look 1.3 Unjustified Charges: The services which have to be included in the ICU charges have been charged separately for 17 days. These include Oxygen (Rs. 4,000 x 17 = Rs. 68,000), BiPap/ Ventilaor (Rs. 10,000 x 17 = Rs. 1,70,000), Nursing (Rs. 17,000), Suction (Rs. 11,900), Infusion Pump (Rs. 25,500), RMO (Rs. […]

A Love Letter For All Haters Of Allopathy

A Love Letter For All Haters Of Allopathy ©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande Allopathy / Modern medicine is like my mother to me. Naturally, when someone tries to spread misinformation about this path of healing, it is my territory to defend, and I will. I am open to the idea that I may not understand other […]