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*Covid Update-216

*Covid Update-216* *Vaccine Variants and Third Wave*: A meeting was held on the Aegis of East Delhi Physicians Association in 10 July 2021. *Padam Shree Prof Raman Gangakhedkar from ICMR enlightened the audience with his original ideas, Dr Moorjhani Infectious Diseases Specialist also shared his experiences*. Meeting was chaired by Dr SK Gupta, Dr Pankaj […]

*MCI recommendations regarding issuing medical certificate.*

1. Never give it for more than 15 days. 2. See Patient again after 15 days and re issue. 3. Even in repeat case’s, make sure that he or she are the patient , identify the pt. By photo I. D. Card , and then issue. *Not to the attendants.* 3. Avoid issuing certificate for […]