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*Post Covid -Heart**

*Post Covid -Heart** It is 2 -3 months since Second wave -But patients keep flocking the OPD with Complaints of Paplitations tachycardia exhaustion fatigue. Many of them being even unaware of past Covid infection. It is important for every doctor to recognise post covid cardiac issues . *Clinical manifestations* 1. *Chest pain in up to […]

Patient. You’re fired

The complexities of firing a patient, according to experts Naveed Saleh, MD, MS|July 23, 2021 Physicians cherish caring for patients. The drive to help others is woven into the very fabric of medicine, as demonstrated by lines from the modern version of the Hippocratic Oath:  It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally it is necessary for […]

National Snakebite Management Protocol,

India is recognised as having the highest snakebite mortality in the world. Most of the fatalities are due to the victim not reaching the hospital in time and are preventable. Research has shown that PHC doctors do not treat snakebite mainly due to lack of confidence. At the secondary and tertiary care level Emergency departments, […]

Snakebite management protocol