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Psychiatric Emergency

 12/7/2019 Assist.Prof.Hafidh M.Farhan 1 References Comprehensive Text book of Psychiatry       ;By B. Manual of Psychiatric Emergencies; By Steven Hyman, and George Emergency Psychiatry; By Randy and Brook Sadock and V. . Sadock     Tesar . Hillard     ,    Saturday, […]

Basics of psychiatry

Overview of psychiatry • Psychiatry is, in fact, fundamentally similar to the rest of medicine: the treatments used are primarily evidence-based. • Psychiatric disorders may be defined as illnesses that are conventionally treated with treatments used by psychiatrists, just as surgical conditions are those thought best treated by surgery. Studying psychiatry Studying psychiatry is worthwhile […]

——————————————– Signs and Symptoms in Psychiatry

Assist.Prof. Hafidh M. Farhan Head of Department of Psychiatry Kufa College of Medicine University of Kufa ——————————————– Signs and Symptoms in Psychiatry Disorders of perception. Illusions. Misperception or misinterpretation of a real external sensory stimulus. Hallucinations. A false perception without an objective stimulus. a)Hypnogogic Hallucinations. b)Hypnopompic Hallucinations. c)Auditory Hallucinations. d)Visual Hallucinations. e)Olfactory Hallucinations. f)Gustatory Hallucinations. […]


Mental Health care and Neurology Block-Phase II 2017 Psychosis and schizophrenia 1. Synopsis A. A syndrome not a diagnosis B. Symptoms and presentations in psychosis C. Differential diagnosis and classification D. Epidemiology E. Aetiology F. Management. 2. Self-test Questions A. What is “thought broadcast”? B. What are the core symptoms of schizophrenia according to the […]