Delta vs omicron

Dr Jacob john & Nk Arora etall spoke yesterday & following is the summary.

1.Probably delta plus virus is the last major mutation that occurred at the human level
Delta plus used to cause syncytia pathological formation in the lungs that resulted in multinucleated cell which incited more damage of lungs and in turn hypoxia,fibrosis and hyperinflammation.
3.this mutant is going to remain for longer period and in turn becomes an endemic virus.

  1. The newly born may not have immunity just like the influenza virus and** may** require regular vaccination.
    5.omicron is not a variant (probably) but a deviant. In the sense it is an antigenic shift , probably derived from the infected rodents.
    Hence the mutations occurred mimicked that of rodent antigenic .
  2. The pathology here is not that like syncytia but like endocytosis
    7.hence the damage is insignificant and will not affect alveoli and hence no hypoxia, lung damage
  3. More pharynx liking , leading to throat pain.
    9.virus more in saliva and hence throat swabbing technique has to be changed here.
  4. Keep the swab for 30 secs in the oral cavity to absorb more viruses to get omicron positivity.
    11.the usual immunity against delta (or alpha) may not work here .but as the pathogenecity is less , it may not worrying
    12.omicron is of 2 types.
    13.monoclonal Ab now available in India will not work against omicron.
    14.finally the COVID may end up with 2 types of viruses circulating -delta plus and Omicron
    15.this will change the vaccine composition in the near future just like with flu vaccine.

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