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Talking helps prevent dementia

Why do older people need to talk more….? A Doctor once told me, that I must talk more when I am retired and old, because there is currently no way to prevent the memory loss . Talking more, may be the only way. There are at least three advantages, if the elderly people talk more. […]


Covid Update 315Early Omicron Trends & FAQ TimelineIndia witnessed the first case of Omicron on 2 December 21. Since then, cases have risen rapidly, especially in the last 7 to 8 days. Short Doubling PeriodAs of 4 January 22, there were 1892 cases of Omicron across 23 states and UTs. Out of which, 766 have […]

Delta vs omicron

Dr Jacob john & Nk Arora etall spoke yesterday & following is the summary. 1.Probably delta plus virus is the last major mutation that occurred at the human levelDelta plus used to cause syncytia pathological formation in the lungs that resulted in multinucleated cell which incited more damage of lungs and in turn hypoxia,fibrosis and […]