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ANCIENT INDIAN HEALTH TIPS अजीर्णे भोजनं विषम् ।If previously taken Lunch is not digested..taking Dinner will be equivalent to taking Poison. Hunger is one signal that the previous food is digested अर्धरोगहारी निद्रा ।Proper sleep cures half of the diseases.. मूढ़गढ़ाल्ली गढ़व्याली।Of all the Pulses, Green grams are the best. It boosts Immunity. Other Pulses […]

QUICKTABLESPERROETITIFONN&OITINGRECO Table of Contents Cardiologya. Coronary Artery Disease 1 b. Congestive Heart Failure 2 c. Valve Disease 3 d. Cardiomyopathy 4 e. Pericardial Disease 5 f. Hypertension 6 g. Cholesterol 7 h. ACLS 8 i. Syncope 9 Pulmonologya. Asthma 10 b. Lung Cancer 11 c. Pleural Effusion 12 d. DVT PE 13 e. COPD 14 […]