1. अजीर्णे भोजनं विषम् ।
    If previously taken Lunch is not digested..taking Dinner will be equivalent to taking Poison. Hunger is one signal that the previous food is digested
  2. अर्धरोगहारी निद्रा ।
    Proper sleep cures half of the diseases..
  3. मूढ़गढ़ाल्ली गढ़व्याली।
    Of all the Pulses, Green grams are the best. It boosts Immunity. Other Pulses all have one or the other side effects.
  4. बागनास्थी संधानकारो रसोनहा।
    Garlic even joins broken Bones..
  5. अति सर्वत्र वर्जयेत।
    Anything consumed in Excess, just because it tastes good, is not good for Health. Be moderate.
  6. नास्थिमूलम अनौषधाम।
    There is No Vegetable that has no medicinal benefit to the body..
  7. नां वैध्यः प्रभुरायुशाह ।
    No Doctor is Lord of our Longevity. Doctors have limitations.
  8. चिंता व्याधि प्रकाश्य।
    Worry aggravates ill health..
  9. व्यायामच्छ सनैही सनैही।
    Do any Exercise slowly. Speedy exercise is not good.
  10. अजावथ चर्वनाम कुर्यात।
    Chew your Food like a Goat..Never Swallow food in a hurry..
    Saliva aids first in digestion.
  11. स्नानम नामा मानहप्रसाधनकरम धुस्वप्न विध्वसनम।
    Bath removes Depression. It drives away Bad Dreams..
  12. ना स्नानम आचारेठ भुक्थवा।
    Never take Bath immediately after taking Food Digestion is affected
  13. नास्थि मेघासमाम थोयम।
    No water matches Rainwater in purity..
  14. अजीर्णे भेषजम वारी।
    Indigestion can be addressed by taking plain water.
  15. सर्वत्र नूथनाम सस्थाम सेवकाने पुर्रथनम।
    Always prefer things that are Fresh..
    Old Rice and Old Servant need to be replaced with new. (Here what it actually means in respect of Servant is: Change his Duties and not terminate.)
  16. नित्यम् सर्वा रास्सभ्याश।
    Take complete Food that has all tastes viz: Salt, Sweet, Bitter, Sour, Astringent and Pungent).
  17. जटाराम पूरायेधरधाम अन्नाहि।
    Fill your Stomach half with Solids, a quarter with Water and rest leave it empty.
  18. भुक्थवोपा विसथास्थंद्र।
    Never sit idle after taking Food. Walk for at least half an hour.
  19. क्षुथ साधुथाम जनयथि।
    Hunger increases the taste of food..
    In other words, eat only when hungry..
  20. चिंता जर्रानाम मनुष्याणम।
    Worrying speeds up ageing..
  21. साथम विहाया भोक्ताव्यम।
    When it is time for food, keep even 100 jobs aside.
  22. सर्व धर्मेशु मध्यमाम।
    Choose always the middle path. Avoid going for extremes in anything.

Have healthy life : it’s real wealth.

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