An intern, with a bag of O negative blood, running eccentrically through the hospital corridor to make sure the blood reaches the OT on time.
A junior doctor hunching over a patient’s chest with all his strength trying to get a pulse.
A surgeon who just identified the bleeder and ligated it.
An obstetric surgeon who delivered a baby stuck by its own head.
An anesthesiologist who got a bilateral air entry on a difficult intubation.
A psychiatrist who sees his suicidal patient having a routine life.
And many more such doctors.
Each one of them in their own way saves a life everyday.
Someone stays up whole night monitoring a patient’s urine output.
A father misses his daughter’s first birthday to stitch up a wound.
A son turns up last for the family dinner again after attending someone else’s family’s concern.
We lose a lot of things that can never be bought back by money.
And no one ever gives an appraisal. There is no best employee of the month. No badges. No stars.
No one tells a doctor ap ke sath selfie le lu? But poses with Dhinchak Puja for the same.
I have seen some of my seniors be on a duty for 96 hours straight, be perfect with managing 300 patients and yet be mocked for that one patient’s BP they forgot to mention.
And I have still seen them roam puppy eyed behind consultants wanting to hear one “good job” or have a pat on their back.
But no one pats your back.
No one tells you were a hero today.
“It’s your job. Well you chose to be a doctor. No one asked you to. Stop complaining.”
“Doctors charge so much and are so arrogant.”
“Dude they are killer’s, man.”
There is a time you feel so demotivated that no one praises you for what you do. No one understands your effort.
Except for that one thing.
The cardiac monitor showing a pulse after a pulseless electrical activity.
The flat line in the ECG showing a p wave.
That is your appraisal.
Your appraisal as a doctor is the life that you just saved .
And when you realise you have the power to do so, there is nothing more addictive, nothing more sickening, maddening than medical science.
You realise you lose your own life saving others, but every bit of it is worth the fight.
No one pats your back, you pat your own back.
You are your own hero.
You wear your own cape and crown.
You save your own self and others.
And if this is something you hate and still love to do,
on being a doctor.
We practice the real love

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