What is the salary of a doctor at AIIMS?

What is the salary of a doctor at AIIMS?
I am giving a full scenario………….

Let’s start from Junior resident. JR is placed in level 10 (GP 5400). The total salary after all allowance will be around 1.1L.

Senior Resident.

SR is in Level 11 (GP 6600) and the total pay will be close to 1.25L.

Assistant Professor

Assistant professor is placed in level 12, but this level 12 is not from standard 7th pay commission matrix. Level 12 in AIIMS is GP 8000, not 7600. At GP 8000, basic is 101500 and total pay is around 1.9L.

Associate Professor (after 3 years as Assistant Professor approx)

In Level 13, GP 9000 (not 8700) and total pay will be around 2.4L.

Additional Professor (after 4 years as Associate professor approx)

It is in level 13A, GP 9500 (not to be confused with 8900). The Total Pay will be around 2.7L

Professor (after 4 years as Addl Prof apporx)

It is in level 14, GP 10500 (not to be confused with GP 10000) the total pay will be more than 3L.

Professor HAG (senior most Faculties)

They are in level 15 and 16 (at par with normal 7th pay commission table) the total pay is more than 3.2L.

Director (Apex Post)

The Director is in Level 17 (basic 225000) the total pay of Director is a bit lesser than Prof HAG because of some Addl services like Bungalow, official vehicle. It is still more than 3L.

This is only the salary which is provided by govt. Apart from it there are many additional allowances as well as bonuses are given. Apart from salary the professors are involved in many national and international research projects, some of them are also involved in writing, so they make extra money from these kind of things.

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