No Doctor Needed In The Near Future?

No Doctor Needed In The Near Future?
©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande

Laughter is the best medicine… so when you see someone having a heart attack, why don’t you tell them a joke, make them laugh and take them to a comedy show?

Sunlight is the best doctor – so if someone has a paralysis or a major accident, is it okay to take them to your terrace or garden and let them soak in health?

Plants cure all diseases they say— so next time someone has fever, do the family members take the patient to the nearest forest and eat random plants till one works?

Meditation heals everything- so do we make an appointment with your favorite fancy-dressed preacher-healer next time someone has a liver or kidney failure?

We know very well why meditation wasn’t used as the chief weapon instead of vaccination in this pandemic..hope we all are trained well by the next. ©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande

Why make so many hospitals? Let the beautifully worded sermons of so many self- proclaimed godmen heal souls while the bodies wither away…

Just like that of judiciary, the sanctity of medical profession is too precious, and must be respected as much. ©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande

The valley between what’s truly scientific and what’s deliberate, mass-hysterical fraud upon mankind – criminal criticism of doctors by TDH- is far beyond repair, especially in India. People love (and blindly believe) it when anyone criticises doctors from any stage- comedians to film stars to politicians and even spiritual businessmen.

Wake up India, to scientific health.
Don’t be fooled by social media posts and other sources that use your hope to dupe you with false assurances and encourage unscientific beliefs, superstitions- to sell you something- especially a false sense of wisdom, safety or well being. ©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande

The elite doctors of our country are able to resolve most medical problems and are known for their skills around the world. Please visit your doctor for health, not google or social media. Stay away from health advices of know-it-all preachers who are themselves victims of delusions of grandeur.

We love comedy and philosophy too, but you must witness the immense suffering and the bleeding, dying patients every day for years before making shameless stage- fun or spewing mindless, poisonous criticism about us medical professionals.

©️ Dr. Rajas Deshpande

PS: The first five paragraphs are a joke, don’t do any of that. Take your patient to the nearest hospital. This special note is added for some specific population- check your quotients and get well soon!

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