Amazing story of a doctor who climbed Everest without

Amazing story of a doctor who climbed Everest without legs..
Dr. Rajas Deshpande

At the age of twenty-fourth, Dr. during pregnancy. Padma Patil has lost the strength of both legs. Had a lot of doctors walk around. But not the diagnosis. Then someone send them to bombay hospital Dr. Sent in to Kecky Turrell. He diagnosed with several tests; Dr. Padma suffered a very difficult and rare disease: a strict bunch of blood vessels around her spinal cord formed, due to its wreckage, causing some parts of the spinal cord (the big vein behind the spinal card – the spine-) ा. If the operation is not done early, there is a possibility of the body under the chest failure. Difficult to even check during pregnancy, the operation was almost impossible!

They decided to deliver ahead of time. His mother was with him. The operation took place only two days after the delivery. Doctors removed that bunch of blood vessels, but it is clear that their leg strength is unlikely to get back. That mind was crushed. The expenditure was getting huge. It was also infected, and they also suffered bedshores (major back injuries-movement patients often).

Every doctor who visits should cry and ask: “When can I walk again, Doctor? “

Once a well known neurosurgeon Dr. Sunil Pandya came to meet him. Dr in front of them too. When Padma started crying, they said “You still want to climb the whole mountain of Everest. How can you cry in the beginning? Be mentally prepared for the big war. We are with you “. They felt patient, they decided- I will overcome this situation!

The doctors and nurses of Bombay Hospital also tightened their waist. Everyone tried to help them with free drugs and other. Dr. Turrell managed to make free surgery for his back wound, his plastic surgeon friend helped him. Dr. Singhal and other doctors were supervised.

No matter how determined someone is, sometimes the problems never end. Dr. Padma’s husband got married for a second time. Most of the relatives were far away, but some claimed their homes and filed a case. Despite being a doctor, it was impossible for him to do doctor, so he started taking science, math teachings to feed himself and his child. During the same period, he again got depression/depression, but Amravati’s psychologist Dr. Shrikant Deshmukh took him out of it too. While disturbed by court cases, some good people in the village stood by them and Dr. Compromises were made to get Padma’s house. It is said that even if everyone leaves, “he” creates miracles when he decides to help! All that is needed is your mental preparation.

Dr. Padma’s son has now become a software engineer, as soon as he needs a good job, he has made his mother stop and relax. “I’m so happy and happy now” says Dr. Padma says it with a smile. They had some back/leg pains recently, so they came to me. Now that pain is also cured. “Doctor Turell is a man of God. I can’t forget the help their team, the people of Bombay Hospital provided. You write such things, so I am intentionally telling you” Dr. Padma said it.

Such stories happen daily in many government and private doctors and hospitals, but they do not reach the people, so this world.

It’s easy to give up. The expectation of constant empathy is seen everywhere that people should keep attention to themselves. But when both legs are lost in youth, the determination to climb the difficult Everest of life alone is very rare! Our salute to this fighter creation!

Dr. Rajas Deshpande

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