anger and irritability

Anger rocks Irritability sucks !

Harish Shetty

Anger is a feeling and irritability is a state. Sustained anger is irritability.
Sustained irritability is dangerous. Many a times the person who is irritable is
hardly aware of it. Needless to say that the BIG I leads to heart
ailments,diabetes, psychosomatic illnesses and lowering one’s immunity. A physical examination by a Medical Practitioner will help rule out medical reasons.

Step1] Examine ones sleep cycle.

This is the most commonest cause of IRRITABILITY : Get it back to normal if
there is deprivation due to some reasons. Insomnia or lack of sleep should be
examined by a doctor. Anemia, troubled thoughts, menstrual problems, problems
with the thyroid gland can be the reasons. Medicines taken for different
purposes can too cause it.Here a GP can help.Exercise,yoga works.

Step 2] If the sleep is right than look for a recent event which is unresolved.
Trouble with ones seniors both at work and family or with peers. Humiliation or
an unresolved story, troubled kids,spouse are some common reasons. Examine the
story and attempt repair by accepting the state as it is or attempted resolution
with the person concerned. If not possible remember one cannot change the
‘event’ but can interpret the same with peace. For eg Spouse constantly sends
negative darts …here one confronts the same or develops a philosophy where one
believes that the statements arise out of his/her’s inadequacy. Attempt to treat
him helps if possible. But wearing an emotional shield which protects oneself
works. So reevaluation of the event and examining the feelings helps. One stops
blaming self and sees a healthy perspective.Accepting that anger and sadness
exists is the first step. Irritability can be the result of fears and anxiety.
eg: an irritable
parent may begin with experiencing severe anxiety due the child’s neglect of
studies and than proceed to anger and the BIG I.

Step 3] If after all the above interventions yet if irritability persists than
it can only be depression . Remember irritability can be the only sign of
depression which largely goes unnoticed. Exercise ,yoga,acts which provide joy
and exhilaration may work . When again all these fails Clinical depression gets
healed by medicines. Depression is very common and say in a school of 150
teachers at least 3 would be suffering from depression and are oblivious about
it. Early treatment and at times with just a pill brings back the mood.

Why medicines: Just as insulin or a medicine for diabetes dissolves sugar an
antidepressant dissolves negative thoughts. The neurotransmitters in the mind
such as SEROTONIN and others are not available in necessary amounts for the
brain cells to enhance neural connectivity. The medicines works by getting the
environment back to normal in and around the brain cells.

What can we all do to prevent IRRITABILITY:

Exercise, Examining our feelings day to day, Excelling in work, Enhancing team
work and delegating responsibilities, Experiencing ecstasy & exhilaration by
shattering monotony of and on.

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