f you discover eye drops such as I CURE / I CUL in anybody’s belongings than the person is surely taking addictive drugs Harish Shetty When Ms Ghorpade found eye drops in the bag of her teenage son she was surprised. She did not recollect any visit to the eye doctor or any problem with her son’s eyes. While casually inquiring the boy shared that his eyes get tired after studying and watching computers and so he uses the eye drops. The mother left it that. The boy was doing well but after a year his grades fell. The mother escorted the boy for the same to me. And she gently shared that the boy was using eye drops to help his eyes after studies and I was shocked. I asked for a urine test and the boy tested positive for Cannabis. Decongestant eye drops have been used by young adults to clear the redness one sees after they smoke Cannabis. Cannabis is a weed from which bhang, ganja and charas are obtained. The bhang is obtained from the leaves and the flowering tops give us Ganja which is also known as Marijuana. The liquid exudate from the plant which solidifies is Charas also known as Hashish. The active ingredient that is a stimulant is TETRA HYDRO CANNABINOL. Charas is the strongest form after bhang and ganja. Bhang is eaten while Ganja and Charas are smoked. The student population have discovered these drops to avoid detection by the family. And this news has spread far and wide. So a small investment on eye drops helps the young continue using cannabis for long before being discovered. A 15 year old shared..’ doc a few drops on the staircase is enough to fool my parents.’ Recently an enginer working on a rig off shore was brought to me with abnormal behaviour. His bag had 3 vials of decongestant eye drops. The recovery of the same helped me to make a fast diagnosis. The laboratory tests confirmed the fact that the person tested positive for cannabis. So when one discovers eye drops among the belongings of a person especially when not prescribed by a doctor be sure that the person is smoking CANNABIS or any other drug.

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