Who is against medical profession?

I believe, we are fighting among ourselves. There are Corporate doctors, government doctors , Small healthcare establishments & Private Practitioners. There r resident doctors, consultants & teaching faculty.
Yes we are not cohesive, we are at war with each other .
Corporates are busy in destroying small healthcare establishments by playing dirty games in collusion with government officials. Such rules are being framed through advocacy & money , which are making life difficult for small hospitals & NH . NABH is one of the facade, which is being used as a tool to strangulate small healthcare establishments. Pollution control board & others are busy in making life difficult for small establishments. Cashless businesses is also a strategy to cause damage to small establishments by forming a cartel. They succeeded initially but it will hurt them badly in long course as they are responsible for changing the pricing discourse of medical care in this country. Now everyone feels that prices of medical services can be regulated & sooner or later big players will also feel the heat as they themselves exposed themselves to price regulations by signing contracts, even by bribing , For CGHS & GIPSA.
They played a smart trick of NABH accreditation in collusion to marginalise small healthcare units further.

But now it is going to boomerang on them . They agreed for everything in desperation to control Indian healthcare sector. They promised that quality care can be provided, with efficiency at dirt cheap prices. Yes their managers played this dirty game & soon they will face music also .

Government doctors think that private doctors are minting money, without realising the cost of equipment, infrastructure, staff & so many logistics involved in making an establishment run & succeed. In a small healthcare establishment doctors are toiling to succeed, they are managers as well as doctors. They are using their own properties to earn , truly speaking, from a financial consultants perspective, there will be very few establishments, which are actually profitable but people run their centres for autonomy.

Government doctors are over worked & Government is not spending sufficiently to make them world class & competitive. Working conditions are pathetic & Government never accepts its failures & short comings & Doctors are made scapegoats.

In Corporate hospitals doctors are just skilled labour, without any labour right. There is no job security, managers want that doctors should never become a brand & keep them insecure. Corporate doctors are caught in labyrinth of goals & targets. Sometime in pursuit of achieving goals, they fall into trap of supremacy & start criticising their colleagues in government sector & Other Private Hospitals.
Yes, we are creating fodder for public, media & politicians.
Government doctors criticise Corporate & Private Doctors. Corporate doctors criticise government doctors & other private doctors. Small healthcare establishments criticise Corporate doctors & Government Doctors.
We are a game. We are not realising that we all are under stress & victims of situations. We are responsible for these situations & instead of fighting for our own selves, we need to fight for each other. If we will remain selfish & self-centred, no body from outside is going to come to help us.
Corporates are exploiting & abusing our colleagues. They immediately distance themselves, when a doctor is in trouble. They are just bothered about their profits & images. Corporates need to respect rights of doctors & other healthcare establishments .

Dear friends, start caring for each other, start fighting for each other, accept everyone is important in this ecosystem. Don’t create rivalry, we are professionals , we are not businessmen. This business like behaviour has entered only in our profession ,that is why we are suffering.
Let us introspect.

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