Dear Bindra,Kundra ,Chandra or whatever you are,

First of all let me tell you that you are such a disgusting,mannerless and irritating person that I wonder how can one actually pay a fee to attend your useless sessions.Heard that you yourself charge 5 lacs for doing total verbal diarrhoea for 2 -3 hrs and then you have the audacity to accuse lacs of honest and hardworking drs of india of looting public.HOW DARE YOU??
You said "एक चीरा लगाया,उसको सिल दिया,हो गया अपेंडिक्स का आपरेशन और डेढ़ लाख ले लिए मरीज़ से"
Only the most idiot and moron like you will talk like this.जिसको तुम एक चीरा बोल रहे हो उसको सीखने में ज़िन्दगी बीत जाती है तब जा के ये चीरा लगाना आता है।
I am a physician,in practice since 15 yrs.Even I can't do this procedure called appendicectomy which is one of the simplest procedure for a surgeon(Not for an idiot like you).Imagine what level of commitment,dedication,hard work and skill a surgeon needs for doing surgeries which are million times more complex then appendicectomy.
Secondly you said we charge 1.5lacs for appendicectomy.In my state Rajasthan one can easily get this procedure done in 10 to 15k in 95 percent of the private hospitals.Only few hospitals charge 1.5 lacs for the appendicectomy and these are the same hospitals run by Bindras,Kundras and Chandra's like you…Not by we drs.
You said we overdo cesareans. Mr.Moron,hv you ever heard the terms Maternal mortality rate and infant mortality rate?If no then plz google and try to find out how helpful Cesarean Section has been in bringing down these two death rates in last hundred years.
You record any bullshit in your cozy studios and then post that bullshit on you tube in the name of motivational speech.I challange you if you have proper facts and figures then try to deliver same obnoxious speech in front of few drs live.I am sure you will learn a lesson of your life.
Today your parents must be ashamed of producing a rectum like you.You hv abused millions of hard working,sincere and honest drs by distortion and misreprentation of facts and outright lies.
You owe an apology to a common indian doctor whom you have hurt badly.

-Dr Raj Shekhar Yadav

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