Biomedical waste is a misnomer

Biomedical waste is a misnomer and thrust on medical professionals to harass them and extract money illegally.

Take a scenario  a pt with open tuberculosis with diabetic foot admitted in a hospital, pt foot ambutated and marked as biomedical waste and all precautions are required to disposed in a dedicated team in a dedicated incinerator. The pt died body hand over to relatives, the body burned in a open space without following any norms.Where is biomedical waste norms for open burning and burial of dead bodies. Since there is no law available for controlling burials and burning of dead bodies what ever the disease they aquired, there is no point in harassing hospitals in the name of biomedical waste management.

Even in slaughter house the materials of animals are treated as general waste. Chicken/mutton/fish cut in open spaces and the waste thrown in waste bucket cleared by municipality.

Not all the things generated in hospitals are infective and hazardous. Go through the data available regarding the disease spread by biomedical waste from hospitals, it is negligible compared with any other infectious diseases. Only the needles and sharp objects are commen  in small and medium hospitals, they can be destroyed in needle destroyer and disposed off .There are other rules available for disposal of radioactive materials and they form a small group.

The linen and material wastes from OT and ward are disposed through separate firms( teknotherm) for which hospitals pay separately..

Pollution control board is sucking money from hospitals.

The tax to be paid to pollution control board is based on ….

Hospital asset value, which has to be given/ certified by an auditor…Does this make sense???.😥 Why hospital should pay , pollution tax on asset value?

Does the govt know the value of CT machine? What is the environmental/ public hazard posed by that machine? Do the govt know the land cost in major cities? What is the environmental/ public hazard posed by that land? Why hospital should pay pollution control tax based on land value??? The problem is government has simply passed on the tax structure of industries to hospital. In industrial sector, more the asset value ( machines ) mean more pollution generation..Why the same rule is followed for hospitals???

IMA rather than taking this seriously🤔

seems to be soft pedalling this issue for years. Let IMA explain government or government explain IMA What (and how) is the

Water pollution

Air pollution

Noise pollution

Soil pollution

caused by the hospital???

Hospitals must be denoted in green category of industry as per pollution control board norms. IMA should take all steps towards this goal ( file case against this arbitrary pollution tax in court) and free the hospitals from clutches of Pollution control board which is not promoting pollution control but promoting corruption, the doctors/hospitals treated as soft targets. 

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