In name of Pollution

Subject Tyranny of Delhi Pollution Control Committee

From Dr.C.P Khandelwal

To: <>, <>, CM DELHI <>, MIN HEALTH/PWD/UD/POWER <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>, <>

Date Sat, Jul 6 2019 at 10:17 PM Dated: 06/07/2019

Shri Prakash Javdekar
Minister of Environment & Forest Government of India

Respected Sir,

Today I came across a notice of Delhi Pollution Control Committee with reference number F.NO. DPCC/WMC-1/Survey/2019/ 13968 to 70 dated 04/07/2019, to a small dental clinic, running from a shopping centre in Yusuf sarai . Copy of notice attached for your kind perusal.

Sir, I was shocked to see this notice, being shared on Whatapp and found it malafide in first look only .

NGT wanted all clinics, whether they are generating biomedical waste or not , to register as biomedical waste generators . Most clinics got registered willingly or unwillingly and accepted it and an additional cost of payments to waste collector & DPCC registration got added .

May be few clinics left out but orders to seal clinic & imposing an environmental damage compensation of Rs fourteen lakhs thirty thousands & four hundreds smacks of institutional tyranny &

atrocity. Hope our government & environment ministry will take urgent

atrocity. Hope our government & environment ministry will take urgent cognisance of this serious matter & issue a show cause notice to concerned department.

Trust in government & justice demands that no officer should be able to abuse his authority & position. There should be unconditional accountability for decisions.
Doctors are most law abiding citizens and they should be saved from these harassments .

In recent times harassment of doctors and small healthcare establishments has increased suddenly in name of rules and regulations. There is sudden increase in harassment in name of compliance to impractical rules .

Sometime it looks an invisible lobby is busy in strangulating small clinics and medical establishments in delhi and all over country .
It looks it is a planned attack on small healthcare establishments to clear the playing ground for big corporates. Someone is busy in searching rules in rule books, which can be used to destroy the neighbourhood clinics and Nursing homes to allow complete hegemony of corporate players. Rules are being framed, which cannot be implemented by clinics & small establishments. Orders are being passed to spread a terror among small healthcare establishments. Something is definitely fishy . It is hurting credibility of both state & central government.

We know, our government is concerned about small establishments but there are definitely moles in some departments or weak spots, which are being identified & compromised to destroy small healthcare establishments by that invisible lobby with vested interest in Indian healthcare industry.

Here we must remember that even big corporate Hospitals are being taken over by big foreign investors. There is 100% FDI allowed in hospitals industry & 49% in healthcare insurance. Indian healthcare industry is going through a churning as individual dependence on private healthcare is increasing. Small healthcare establishments are hurdles in party of big corporates , trying to have control over pricing in Indian healthcare market.

Respected Sir, these notices by different departments can’t be

Respected Sir, these notices by different departments can’t be

understood in isolation, these are ominous signs, how few people are being compromised to create terror among small healthcare establishments.

Hope your office will take urgent cognisance of the matter and will take immediate remedial steps to save small medical establishments from the tyranny of power intoxicated officers.

With best regards

Dr Chander Prakash Khandelwal


L block ,Kalkaji, New Delhi Executive member
Delhi Ophthalmological Society

Note: A line of acknowledgement will give relief that at least our representatives are compassionate & reading our communication

Copy of DPCC notice to Sharma Dental Clinic,

being shared on Social media

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