I loved this poem on COMA


Differential Diagnosis in an Unconscious Patient!!

When gums are swollen & bitten tongue,

Epilepsy could be in the rung,

When drenching sweat is with coma

It’s hypoglycemia

If In coma, fever is in its height

Cerebral malaria could be the plight

And high fever is with neck stiffness

Probably it’s pyogenic meningitis

In the same state also consider

TB meningitis or Sub arachnoid bleed in the rudder,

Coma with burning fever

Heat stroke it is dear,

When with yellow eyes and skin

Then hepatic coma is the thing,

Deep congested eyes in coma

Speak of abuse alcohol aroma.

Cerebral bleed has unequal pupils

Pontine bleed, has pinpointed pupils

Dhatura poison shows dilated pupils.

Coma with unequal nasolabials

Diagnose it as facial paralysis.

Bleeding nose & ears that drain

It’s bleeding at the base of brain.

Coma with blue lip

This is a COPD tip

Fruity smelling urine or saliva

Occurs In diabetic coma.

Uremic coma has strong uriniferous odour

And in hepatic coma the rat like stink succour

Finally in urine a perfume emits

It’s Poisoning from sleeping pills

Hope this poetry helps you all

In differential diagnosis when Coma calls

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