Why depressed

A recent Face book entry by Dr.Simmi Waraich on Mental Health Campaign

Being asked “Why are you depressed? Life is beautiful!”

Is like saying “Why do you have Asthma? There is so much Air”.


After doing Psychiatry all my life and also personally suffering, I was never referred to a Neurologist by any astute PSYCHIATRISTS at any part of the Globe.

Just a very ‘funny but not so funny question’, Sexual intercourse is as regular an activity as sleeping and waking up every day by all humans and Animals. Besides being told that it is for pro-creation, was anything else ever taught in Under or Post graduate study? The Hows and Whys—

Either, in General Medicine, or Gyne, or Urology  or Neuro or—-?? It only was learnt thru —other non medical, ways, right or Wrong. It only became Academic when and if one took up “Sexology’ which was also an ambiguous subject —-  Then it included endocrinology, Biochemistry and Physiology etc. Is that why It is a taboo subject to talk about or indulge in Porno—                                          

I know “Soul and consciousness’ is also ambiguous but can it be replaced by the Body. Can it be always dealt with and talked about by Spiritualists ? 

What about dealing with life and death ? Yes it is biological but who can help dealing with them ?

Under grad for us only meant a note on Schizophrenia as part of Neurology. Can Neurologists deal with these patients?

So in spite of all , I feel Psychiatry should be taught as an important and necessary subject in all teaching and learning of Becoming  DOCTORS.

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