Dr Kafeel

Once again, the doctor kafeel has got a clean chit in just 2 Case-answering it.

And yes thank you so much for the birthday wishes 🥰

Thank you all for the lovely birthday wishes ❤️

A controversy has been created over the recent enquiry report- plz watch how they are haunting me again🙏

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The investigation of the department of education by the government of yogi is concluded after the order of submitting its report in 3 months by Allahabad high court.

The investigation officer concluded the investigation on 18/04/19 and accepted the following answers given by himself:

1-* I was the most junior doctor *

Investigation has concluded that I joined the brd medical college in gorakhpur on 08/08/16 as a probationary lecturer. At the time of the tragic tragedy of brd, I was a probationary, so there was no question of my participation in any administrative or practical process in the purchase or maintenance of oxygen.

2-” in spite of being on a holiday on 10/08/17, he reached brd medical college gorakhpur to save the lives of innocent people. *

Investigation has also been found that on 10.08.2017, when a tragic tragedy happened in the brd medical college, I was on vacation and as soon as the information got, despite being on the holiday and being near any doctor, I immediately hospital Arrived. And with my team, managed to arrange 500 cylinders in those 54 hours.

6. ” they called 26 people that horrendous night *: the enquiry has also agreed that I had done every possible effort for my full potential in which with all the officers of the brd medical college Also included phone calls made by. In the form of district magistrate, gorakhpur.

4-* there is no proof that their involvement in corruption is revealed *

5-* He was not responsible for the payment / order / tender / maintenance of oxygen supply *

6-* He was not the chief of the encephalitis ward *

7-* there is no proof that he was doing private practice after 08/08/16 His name was removed as a private practice 28/04/17 *

8-* the charges of medical negligence without any substance were unfounded * (weak and unbalanced)

Brd oxygen tragedy occurred on 10 August 2017, in which many children were killed. The vendor was a sudden stop in supply of liquid oxygen due to not paying arrears.

To hide the government failure, I was made a scapegoat and put in prison for nine months, despite the fact that I didn’t leave any stone unturned in saving the lives of the children that day, any doctor any The situation would have committed to reduce itself.

The Honorable Allahabad high court has clearly said that there is no proof of medical negligence against me and I was not that where I was not involved in the purchase of liquid oxygen or in its tender process.

Recently in an rti, the government has accepted that from 10 to 12 August 2017 at the brd medical college, there was a shortage of liquid oxygen for 54 hours and I was really to save the dying children I had the arrangement of Jumbo Oxygen Cylinder.

Even in the affidavit of the high court, u. P. The government has accepted the lack of oxygen supply. The HON ‘ ble high court said on 30 April 2018 in his decision that liquid oxygen supply was caused by a sudden disruption of liquid oxygen that was caused by the supplier not to pay dues.

However, I am grateful that the baseless charges against me are now clear because of my main concern that the government has sponsored me and my whole family persecution, which continues, while I am struggling to survive, 2 Running from the column to post from the year.

Now I hope after the investigation report comes

1-government should cancel my suspension as soon as possible and give back their work with full respect.

2-I wish that these events should be investigated by the CBI BY THE CBI to explore any complexity of the state officials and to investigate the dōṣītā of those who were actually in charge and suppliers The obvious arrears were failing.

3-the government of Uttar Pradesh should apologize to those sad parents who lost their children and gave them compensation.

Dr. Kafeel Khan (suspended lecturer)

B.R.D. Medical College,

Gorakhpur (u. P) India

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