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Commentary—COVID-19: What we Know About Human Coronavirus Infections

COMMENTARY 2/26/2020 Matthew E Levison, MD, Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Drexel University College of Medicine Coronaviruses are enveloped RNA viruses, characterized by surface protein spikes, which, under electron microscopy, resemble the sun’s corona. Numerous coronaviruses, first discovered in domestic poultry in the 1930’s, cause respiratory, gastrointestinal, liver, and neurologic diseases in animals. Human Coronavirus Infection […]

Col Purohit

Its Time to Refresh Memory! Who Really Is Lt. Col Purohit? What Secrets Did He Know That Made Congress Desperately Put Him In Jail?  Kasab was to die as Sameer Chaudhary from Bengaluru! This revelation has literallu rocked the nation. Mumbai ex police commissioner Rakesh Maria in his book “Let me say it now” […]

Why covid 19 relatively less in India

India seems to be coronavirus free even though it is a close neighbor of China. There is a lot of speculation and eyebrows raised as to why this is so. Various reasons are being put out: 1) The Indian gene is Covid-19 resistant. 2) The low level of hygiene has made Indians immune to this […]