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Telemedicine Practice Guidelines

BOARD OF GOVERNORS In supersession of the Medical Council of India Appendix 5 Enabling Registered Medical Practitioners to Provide Healthcare Using Telemedicine    March 2020  These Guidelines have been prepared in partnership with NITI Aayog 2 S. No. 1. Description Background TABLE OF CONTENT Page No. 7 10 2. 4. Definitions  […]

Weather and covid

Covid treatments


Interview: ‘Suppression won’t work in India. Slow down the coronavirus. This will be a long haul’ One of India’s most renowned epidemiologists cautions against unsustainable lockdowns and says community participation is the key to fight the disease. MOBILE & TABLET ONLY META Arunabh Saikia Mar 23, 2020 · 04:38 pm END OF MOBILE & TABLET […]

High Temperature and High Humidity Reduce the Transmission of COVID-19

High Temperature and High Humidity Reduce the Transmission of COVID-19 Jingyuan Wang, Ke Tang, Kai Feng and Weifeng Lv* March 9, 2020 Abstract. This paper investigates how air temperature and humidity influence the transmission of COVID-19. After estimating the serial interval of COVID-19 from 105 pairs of the virus carrier and the infected, we calculate […]

Art of caring

 FOREWORD It was not until a new resident in the Emergency Department (ED) burst into tears in front of me, did I realise the toll that residency in this department takes on a residents’ overall well-being. The ED work culture is unlike any other department. Physicians have to deal with numerous responsibilities and at […]