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Corona or flu

Are you confused why this is more than just the flu? This was the best thing I found on the Internet to explain it, have a read .. Feeling confused as to why Coronavirus is a bigger deal than Seasonal flu? Here it is in a nutshell. I hope this helps. Feel free to share […]

Guidelines for Setting up Isolation Facility

  COVID -19 Outbreak Guidelines for Setting up Isolation Facility/Ward National Centre for Disease Control 22 Sham Nath Marg, Delhi 110054 Directorate General of Health Services Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Government of India Table of Contents A. Quarantine and isolation 1 B. Setting up isolation facility/ward 2 C. Checklist for isolation rooms […]


Please Read – Letter from MDs in Boston to our Community bracing for a calamity of epic proportion. “As there is so much confusion, misinformation and denial on social media about the coronavirus we hope to explain, in plain language, why the experts see this as such an emergency. Many people are reading the claim […]