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Novel Corona Virus

The Helpline Number for corona-virus : +91-11-23978046 Toll Free No: 1075

The Helpline Numbers of States & Union Territories for corona-virus

The Helpline Email ID for corona-virus : ncov2019[at]gov[dot]in

Advisory – Social Distancing

Guidelines on Dead Body Management

DoPT OM – Preventive measures to be taken to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Latest Testing Guidelines of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)

Guidelines for notifying COVID-19 affected persons by Private Institutions

Standard Operating Procedure for Passenger Movement post Disembarkation

1 Total number of passengers screened at airport : 13,54,858

2 Total number of Active COVID 2019 cases across India * : 130
Total number of Discharged/Cured COVID 2019 cases across India * : 14
Total number of Deaths due to COVID 2019 across India * : 3
(*including foreign nationals, as on 18.03.2020 at 09:00 AM)

3 S. No.

4 Name of State / UT

1 Travel Advisory – Updated

◦ Additional Travel Advisory – 17 March 2020

◦ Additional Travel Advisory – 16 March 2020

◦ NEW INSTRUCTIONS – Restrictions on International passenger traffic through Land Check Posts

◦ Restrictions on International passenger traffic through land check posts-COVID 19

◦ Consolidated Travel Advisory – 11 March 2020

◦ Additional Travel Advisory – 10 March 2020

◦ Travel Advisory (Home Isolation) – 10 March 2020

◦ Travel Advisory – 06 March 2020

◦ Travel Advisory – 05 March 2020

◦ Travel Advisory – 02 March 2020

◦ Travel Advisory – 26 February 2020

2 Invoking powers under Disaster Management Act 2005 (72.2KB)

3 Norms of assistance from State Disaster Response Fund (SDRF) in wake of COVID-19 outbreak (609KB)

4 Gazette Notification – Essential Commodities Order, 2020 – with regards to Masks and Hand Sanitizers (770KB)

5 National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) Order regarding Masks, Hand Sanitizers and Gloves (725KB)

6 Decisions- High level Group of Ministers meeting to review current status and actions for prevention and management of COVID-19 (42.6KB)

7 Advisory :

◦ 9(a) Social Distancing

◦ 9(b) Mass Gatherings

8 Visa restrictions issued by Bureau of Immigration (BOI) after meeting of GoM on COVID19 – 11 March 2020(181KB)

9 Advisory: Travel and Visa restrictions related to COVID-19 in respect of Bureau of Immigration

10 KIDS, VAAYU & CORONA : Comic book for children to provide correct information about COVID-19

11 Awareness Material for COVID-19

◦ When to wear mask?: English

◦ When to wear mask?: Hindi

◦ When to get tested for COVID-19 English

◦ When to get tested for COVID-19 Hindi

◦ Do’s and Don’t Poster in English

◦ Do’s and Don’t Poster in Hindi

12 TV and Radio Spots (English & Hindi) for COVID-19

13 Watch all COVID-19 management videos here

14 Advisory for Exemption to mark biometric attendance in AEBAS

15 Discharge policy for suspect or confirmed Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) cases : (354.71KB)

16 Updated Guidelines on Clinical Management of COVID-19 : (860KB)

17 Guidance on Surveillance for human infection with 2019-nCoV: ( 399.74KB)

18 Guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control in Healthcare Facilities (1.83MB)

19 Guidance for sample Collection, Packaging and Transportation for Novel Coronavirus: (853.42KB)

20 Guidelines on use of masks by public(144KB)

21 Guidelines for home quarantine(122KB)

22 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for COVID-19 Management- International Cruise Ships at major Indian Ports(99.7KB)

23 Cabinet Secretary DO letter dated 8th March, 2020 to all Government of India Ministries on COVID-19 management(192KB)

24 Kerala COVID 19 updates and advisory

25 The Twitter link :

26 The PIB releases link : PIB

27 The Facebook link :

28 YouTube channel link :

29 WHO Link :

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