Covid 19



•Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). 


•The corona Virus appears to be spreading at a fast pace around the country.


•Precaution & maintaining personal hygiene seem to be the only two preventive measures.







Common signs of infection include fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, pain abdomen & or loose motion etc.  


•IMA members are concerned about the health of all its employees & their respective family members.



•We are suggesting some precautionary measures and which should be followed with immediate effect.






Guidelines for the Clinical Establishments

●The patient/attendants should stand atleast at 1 meter       (3 feet) distance from the reception counter.


●Use of Gloves & mask is a must for the paramedic staff. Ensure that there is no gap between the face & mask. Also dispose them properly in a closed bin.


●Doctors/all staffs have to maintain distance from public.


●Visitor Chairs are to be sanitized on a regular basis atleast  30 minutes interval.


●Do not touch papers & currency with oral Saliva. Use hand sanitizer before & after.




Advisory for Hospital Staff Members

●When they come to Clinical Establishments for duty, after keeping their personal belongings at their desk, they should Wash their hands for minimum 30 seconds with soap and wash their face including nose & eyes with water.


●Cleanliness in all the Clinical Establishments is a must.


●Sanitizers shall be issued to all departments of the establishments. Use them in regular interval.



●Participation in Mass Social gatherings to be avoided.


●Do not go to any malls, parks, public places, various social parties etc.


●Sanitization of Mobile Phones, Handbags is very important twice a day. Disinfect your personal belongings.


●Staffs are advised not to use any public conveyance as far as possible. It is very risky and a serious problem.




●Seek medical attention immediately in case anybody feel unwell.


●The handles of the two wheelers/vehicles should also be washed twice a day & then touched.  Disinfect personal vehicles & work desks also.


●Non-disposable mask should be washed and sterilized in the autoclave.


●As far as possible, avoid planned operations/procedures and avoid very close contact (specially for Eye & ENT speciality).

●Inform vendors not to visit establishment until & unless called for.

●Not more than one patient’s relatives should be allowed in the Clinical Establishment.

●Visit of Medical Representatives should be strictly prohibited till further advisory.

●Closing of OPD/IPD should be decided as per the directives of the local health department/the decisions of the local IMA Branch.




Protocol for Security

●The visitors should be screened first.


●No person with cough & cold will be allowed to enter without the masks.


●At the entrance of Clinical Establishments an attendant will be placed in shifts for sanitizing the hands of everyone entering the premises. The attendants on duty shall also wear masks.



●Check that no employee is unnecessarily going out of the premises while on duty.


●Ask the housekeeping staff to wash hands regularly & take special precautions.


●The reception platform should be cleaned preferably in every 15 minutes with 1% hypochlorite solution with Colin.


●All the toilets should be cleaned with 1% hypochlorite solution preferably in every 30 minutes.





●Door knobs , handles ,grills, toilet seats to be cleaned after every use. A log book to be maintained for the same.


●Put naphthalene balls in washbasins.


●Put bleaching powder in manholes  & outside the gate.


●Biometric machine to be suspended until further notice. Every employee has to get his/ her pen for signing the attendance register.


● All the vehicles of the Clinical Establishments should be sanitized with 1% hypochlorite solution.

General Guidelines

●Greet with only Namaste, no handshaking.

●Must wash hands with soap & water & keep them clean regularly & thoroughly.

●Do not touch your face/nose/eyes etc. with your hands.

●If you are coughing/ sneezing ,or have any such symptoms keep your mouth covered with a mask/ handkerchief /or a tissue paper.

●Avoid contact with people who have an history of recently travelling abroad & affected cities.


●If you or any of your family member is unwell & shows symptoms of cough & cold, please take care of them immediately

●Do not spit in public places.




Stay Positive

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