Summary points of Telemedicine CME held in NIMHANS

1. Patient requesting for phone consultation is consent implied.

2. If we are giving an option for phone consultation patient should give it in writing via mail, message or voice or video message as explicit consent is needed.

3. Mode of consultation in Telemedicine (like video or audio) can be decided by us.

4. New Consult: which is either seeing pt for the first time, last consult 6 months away, consultation for new complaint albiet within 6 months.

5. RMP can only give Telemedicine consultation within the boundaries of the expertise.

6. If any emergency quickly evaluate and refer.

7. Over the counter drugs (List O) can be written in prescription (either first consult or follow up).

8. Drugs with minimal sedation or skin ointments or eye/ear drops (List A) can be given on first visit as teleconsult but via Video modality only.

9. Drugs (list B) with sedation like benzodiazepines or add on drugs like hypertensive to augment a patient can be prescribed to a patient with follow up visit only (who has been examined in person before).

10. Drugs like anticancer drugs or Narcotics such as morphine, codeine, buprenorphine, methadone etc. ketamine (recently notified) CANNOT be prescribed via telemedicine.

11. Any prescription with telemedicine should have written: This prescription is generated via Teleconsultation

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