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Continuously living in the hormones of stress, fear and anxiety will just invite more diseases.

Instead let us start living with more awareness and right knowledge.


DRUMSTICKS – Drumstick is one of the superfoods which helps in boosting your immunity and acts as a shield for any virus to grow.

COCONUT WATER WITH LEMON – Intake of Coconut water should always be fresh. When you add half a lemon to fresh coconut water, vitamin C shoots up by 10 times. Once everyday, for the next few days, having coconut water with lemon is a must. (Note: Kidney patients should not have coconut water)

GARLIC , ONION & TURMERIC – These three are natural superfoods that will help kill the bad bacteria that thrive within us.

PUMPKIN SEEDS – Just by having 3-4 spoons of pumpkin seeds everyday can provide you with substantial quantities of healthy fats, magnesium and zinc which are vital for immune functions.

RED CAPSICUM – Vitamin C present in Red Capsicum is 3 times higher than the Vitamin C found in an orange. Ensure to have red capscicum in your salad everyday before meals.



AVOID STRESS – Stress & fear weakens our immune system. Hence, we should consciously avoid taking any stress as it will directly impact our immune system.

DO PRANAYAM – Being active by practicing yoga or brisk walking will always help. In particular, pranayam works best in strengthening our respiratory system.

TAKE PROPER REST – Good quality sleep every night recharges our immune system.

PRACTICE GRATITUDE & LOVE – Just as sanitizers and masks work as shields on the outside, your healthy thoughts & immunity are your inner shields. Every moment thank God for being safe, strong and healthy. Just like we can spread a disease, we can also spread love and gratitude.

MAINTAIN HYGIENE – Wash your hands at regular intervals – Make this a habit, in every 3-4 hours wash your hands for 10-20 seconds thoroughly.



COOKED FOOD – Restrict the number of cooked meals to ONLY TWICE A DAY (Lunch and Dinner). Eat more raw vegetables and fruits.

EMPTY STOMACH FRUITS – Empty stomach fruits works miraculously and is highly recommended for making the system alkaline & building good health.

CUCUMBER AND CARROT- One small bowl to be had before lunch and dinner every day for making our body alkaline.

WATER – At Least 2 litres of water everyday. Drinking sufficient water will not only help flush out toxins but maintain a healthy fluid balance.

NO UNHEALTHY FOOD – Avoid junk foods / dairy / Maida / Non-Veg / Deep fried / Packaged food as much as possible.



Avoid Handshakes – The Indian Namaste works best !!

Avoid crowded places and quarantine yourself –

We can all do this not only for ourselves but also for the safety of others too.

Avoid going out – Use this time constructively at home instead of feeling stressed. Taking risk of going out is not advisable.

Avoid Public Transport and unnecessary travel –

This reduces your chances of catching an infection and the lesser the interaction the better it is.

Social Distancing – Avoid meeting people and practice Social Distancing for your own safety and the safety of others.This is our foremost responsibility and we must act sensibly now.

Don’t Panic – Refrain from reading and circulating wrong information and causing fear amongst people.


10 Things for a Healthy You





Panta Bhaat

It is a natural probiotic which is excellent for a healthy gut.


It is high in nutritional value and helps to strengthen the immune system.
It helps in curing gastro issues.
It regulates good bowel movement and cures constipation.

How to prepare ?

Take 2 tsp cooked rice overnight soaked in one glass of water.

How to use to consume ?

Have that 2 tsp overnight soaked cooked rice along with the water first thing in the morning.




Drumsticks are superfoods, one of the best foods for building immunity.


Very high on immunity boosting properties.
Excellent for diabetes, blood pressure and kidney health.
An incredible source of essential minerals, calcium, iron and phosphorus which helps to strengthen bones.
Very high on antibacterial qualities which help in avoiding infections around the throat and chest area.

How to prepare ?

Boil 6-7 pcs of finger-size cut drumsticks in normal water for 15-20 mins.

How to use to consume ?

Chew the boiled drumsticks before lunch and dinner and just intake the pulp.




Fruits have to be had on an empty stomach. An ideal way to start your day after Jeera water is by having seasonal fruits.


Adds a lot of fiber to your body
Increases your energy levels.
Tons of vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. Helps in bowel movement.
Helps in weight loss.

Correct way of eating fruits

It means not eating fruits after your meals.
Fruits should be eaten only on an empty stomach.



Jeera Pani

It is an excellent way to detox and helps in cleansing the entire system.


Cumin water is a healthy way to lose weight.
Excellent for gastric issues & acid reflux.
It helps in regulating blood pressure and lowers LDL cholesterol levels too.
It is a great way to get a clear and healthy looking skin.
To get a flat belly, you must try this wonder drink.

How to prepare ?

Add 1 tsp jeera in 1 glass of drinking water. Boil it for 10 mins. Strain and enjoy your healthy morning Jeera tea. (optional – add few drops of lemon)

How to use to consume ?

Have it as a herbal tea 2-3 times in a day.



Yoga / Pranayam

Yoga helps in calming your mind, body and soul.


It has been proven scientifically that everyday yoga can prove to be beneficial in numerous ways such as relaxing the nervous system.
Eases the tensions in the body.

Increases concentration and balances the hormones in the body.
Pranayam helps in channelisation of energy to each and every cell in the human body.



Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is not a diet, but rather a eating pattern. It is an eating cycle between periods of fasting and feasting.


It helps to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body. It induces various cellular repair processes.
Helps to lose weight and belly fat.
Helps to reduce insulin resistance and lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes.

How to do ?

The 16/8 method involves fasting every day for 14–16 hours and restricting your daily eating window to 8–10 hours.



Goodbye to all addictions

Being addicted to anything is not okay. Start this day by breaking one bad habit.

As we are all aware of the saying “Too much of anything is bad” . We must use this period to de-addict ourselves from anything that we feel we can’t do without.

Your addiction could range from something as simple as your morning tea/coffee to consumption of alcohol and smoking.

Let us DETOX.
Ways to break addictions –

Love yourself enough to stop damaging your present and future.
You are alone responsible for your actions and the consequences that come along with them. Stop for a moment and think about how your decisions could truly affect you.
Loving yourself is one of the key driving forces in helping get over the long drawn chains of addictions or bad habits.



Have seeds regularly

Seeds are a great source of healthy fats, vegetarian protein, fiber and antioxidants.

Seeds with vital benefits

Sunflower Seeds – Rich in Vitamin E, are fat soluble antioxidants that help in fight back of diseases-causing free radicals. Sunflower seeds also contain anti-inflammatory properties.

Pumpkin Seeds – These mighty seeds are also packed with cell-protective antioxidants, including carotenoids and vitamin E. In addition to reducing inflammation, the antioxidants help fend off premature aging and chronic diseases.

Flax Seeds – Flax seeds are very high in fiber and provide good amounts of protein. They are rich in fat and one of the best plant-based sources of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

How to prepare ? – Mix equal quantities of each of these seeds in a box. How to consume ? – Have 2-3 tsp of mixed seeds as your evening snack


Good Sleep

Good sleep is important. Striving to have a peaceful night, and getting quality sleep and rest is one of the best things you can do for your health and well-being.


Helps in hormonal balance.
Reduces inflammation.
Decreases lifestyle disease risk in both adults and children. It boosts your immunity.

How to do ?

Try to minimise exposure to any gadgets an hour before you are about sleep. This will help to ensure deep sleep.




Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us.


Meditation reduces inflammation and enhances our immune functions.
It also helps us focus our attention and feel less controlled by thoughts or feelings that seem challenging.

How to do ?

Start small – with just a few minutes every day – and consider apps that can help you with a proper guided meditation, initially.


Please Share this as much as you can.

Each of us can be better and healthier .

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