In view of lot of speculation about protection of serious COVID 19 by MMR – I looked at literature- it’s complicated but worth reading – following conclusions by various studies ( posted above)- didn’t changed the language so that everyone can draw conclusions

FIRST STUDY – Most recent is by

Adam Young which has revived

Topic / hypothesis -“Homologous protein domains in SARS-CoV-2 and measles, mumps and rubella viruses: preliminary evidence that MMR vaccine might provide protection against COVID 19”


1)SARS-CoV2 Spike glycoproteins are class I viral membrane fusion proteins that share structural similarities with the Fusion proteins from both measles and mumps viruses.

2)The Macro domains of SARS-CoV-2 and rubella virus share 29% amino acid sequence identity.

3)Interestingly, the residues conserved in the SARS-CoV-2 and rubella Macro domains include surface-exposed residues and are present in the attenuated rubella virus used in the MMR vaccine.

4)they identified at a population level that both older populations and males are both more likely to die from COVID-19, and less likely to be seropositive for rubella-specific immunity, based on historical vaccination programmes of all three countries considered in this report.

5)Finally, the hypothesis that this macro domain could be recognised by antibodies raised against rubella was supported by data that demonstrated that patients who have SARS-CoV2 infection had raised levels of rubella IgG to a level in keeping with secondary rubella infection.

6)Taken together, they suggested that MMR will not prevent COVID-19 infection but could potentially reduce poor outcome

Second study published in 2014 in virology – PEER REVIEWED- Study published in 2014 in virology – peer reviewed- topic/ hypothesis “Protection from SARS coronavirus conferred by live measles vaccine expressing the spike glycoprotein”

Concluded –

1. Recombinant MV vaccines might be used to immunize both thepediatric and adult/adolescent populations in case of SARS-CoVoutbreaks. The presence of anti-MV immunity in nearly the entireadult human population might restrict the use of recombinant MVto naïve infants, an already worthy goal in any event. However,numerous studies have shown that revaccinating immunizedindividuals results in a boost of anti-MV antibodies, suggestingthat the attenuated live vaccine replicates and expresses itsproteins in spite of preexisting immunity”

2. genration of live recombinant measles vaccine expressing SARS-CoV spike protein.

3. Induction of high titers anti-SARS-CoV neutralizing antibodies in mice.

4. Protection of immunized mice from intranasal infectious challenge with SARS-CoV.

5. Induction of Th1-biased responses and IgA.

Third study published in

LANCET- April 2020

conclusion – there should be an immediate investigation of using the already available MMR vaccine in controlled studies to show a protective benefit. Epidemiologic studies suggest this may already be effective as a COVID-19 vaccine, and this could be instituted within months, perhaps saving thousands of lives with an earlier deployment than other vaccines under development.

Last and fourth relevant ( fourth )study-

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MICROBIOLIGY – Hypothesis – “Could an Unrelated Live Attenuated Vaccine Serve as a Preventive Measure To Dampen Septic Inflammation Associated with COVID-19 Infection?”


1.clinical trial with MMR in high-risk populations may provide a “low-risk–high-reward” preventive measure in saving lives during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. the 955 sailors on the U.S.S. Roosevelt who tested positive for COVID-19 (only one hospitalization) may have been a consequence of the fact that MMR vacci- nations are given to all U.S. Navy recruits

Question- should we take this MMR vaccine as there are no side effects –

Ultimately decision has to be left to individuals.

Seems no harm of taking MMR unless you are planning for pregnancy or suffering from immunodeficiency . Or wait for more evidence?

Dhiren Gupta

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