For Kolkata / Bengal only:

I am a person who has returned home after recovering from corona. After returning home, I see in the news that corona affected patient cannot be admitted to hospital and is leaving this world at last. It is a very sad and tragic event. So I would like to share my experience with hospitalization. I want to tell you the rules of what to do after not going through all these good and bad politics. I have received a lot of phone calls asking how I got admitted, so

Today I have this post: –

1) Take an ID card with you when you go for testing.

2) If the test report is positive, the private hospital or government place where you have tested is the health department.

Let us know your details by mail, this is the most important and necessary and main work.

3) Then they will give you a hard copy of the report where you did the test

4) When you take the report, you must ask if they have mailed to the health department. If not, you will ask them to do it first.

And with that you and your report will be mailed to this mail id

5) If your name is not registered with the health department, you will not be admitted anywhere in the government.

6) In the meantime, your job is to always call the helpline number 03323412600 of the health department. Once or twice you see someone picking up the phone, you need to explain as much as possible what the patient’s condition is, and how important it is to be hospitalized.

6) Then the health department will understand the condition of your patient and book a bed in the name of your patient in any government hospital and will inform you about it.

6) Then if you are at home, then the health department ambulance will come and pick you up from home

Take him to the hospital or from there to another place.

6) They will admit the patient as soon as they go to the hospital.

9) It takes 5-6 hours for all this to happen.

10) I heard in the news this morning that this processing is taking so long from the government to the doctors

There may be a team, if you call there, the doctor will understand the patient’s condition and arrange for hospitalization. I do not know the truth of it.

I don’t know any other process. If anyone knows if there is anything, we will all know.

Thanks to everyone. I shared my experience. I don’t want to go into any debate, good or bad. Stay well, stay healthy.

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