Someone asked me 15 questions. My honest answers are as follows.

My answers

1)Would Corona vaccine be available in short future?

Yes in a months time

2) Do u need to take it?

Yes all should take it.

3)Who shall get it?

It will be prioritised. First frontline workers. Then older and those with cormorbidies. And them healthy people.

4)How will it be given?

Through public and private partnership.

5)Who will give it?

All those who can be trained including doctors, nurses, para medics.

6) where would it be given?

Public as well as private set ups.

7)Do u need to take it even if you had Corona?

Yes. But that will be last in the priority list.

😎 If yes, After how many days of recovery from Corona u can get it?

Whenever available especially when you didn’t mount hod antibody response.

9)Can a person with comorbidity get the vaccine?

They should and will get it with priority.

10)Which company vaccine is best?

All are good. Whichever comes first. Oxford is more suitable for India as its cheap, locally made and can be kept at 2-8 degree celsius.

11) How many days after getting first dose & second dose of vaccine I would be protected & up to what extent?

Best protection starts 15 days after second dose. Efficacy 70-90% against all severity and 100% against hospitalization.

12)How long vaccine provide immunity?

We don’t know. May be lifelong as it induces robust T cell response.

13)Does it require any booster or boosters in future?

Time will tell. My gut feeling is NO.

14) Can children be vaccinated and if yes, what would be the youngest age for vaccination? In the same dose as adults or lesser dose?

Children are the least priority. Dose would remain the same. Trials underway. Wait for the results.

15)What side effect vaccine would have?

Mostly Local side effects, some fever and fatigue. Generally all vaccines are safe.

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