Dear Dr. Deshpande

Dear Dr. Deshpande, I really appreciate your well written unmasking of the health care issues in India! Yes, emotions manipulated on media – the pathos distraction -so we don’t look at the core issues of why the Indian government has not funded health care properly, even amid the boom of the last few years, and why India’s national hospital system is a dangerous disgrace – when it does not have to be this way. What use is insurance when a filthy, underfunded hospital will kill you! Everyone is upset because conditions are terrible and emotions blow through the roof hurting the very people who are the backbone of medical care. Thank you for posting! I am sorry you and your fellow doctors have been so unappreciated and reviled when in fact you are truly heroes in a hellish situation. Seems that PM Modi can get a World Bank loan that is transparently administrated by a Doctor’s Oversight Panel including doctors who have suffered by working at public hospitals, to meet the broad upgrade needs that doctors in the trenches understand all too well. If not transparent, if not doctor-led, the money will not be correctly allocated!

Please, on a related but different topic, look into a new form of disinfectant lighting – there is real hope here to protect doctors and patients but you won’t hear much about it in India for some time to come: “Far-UVC” at (222 nanometer) lighting which has now been proven in multiple university studies (Columbia University, New York, Dr. David J. Brenner, June 24th study published in Nature, Kobe University and Hiroshima University in Japan studies published in August 12 and September 4, 2020.) Now, over 100 years since discovering disinfectant lighting, a new form has emerged that has been proven safe for human exposure: the wavelength measured in nanometers of 222 has proven to kill Covid-19 and all Sars Viruses while not harming human eyes and skin. Many studies have been published since June, 2020 that you can find online. This is what is needed across India to use throughout hospitals, in patients wards, and for surgical sites, to prevent infections, particularly in the deplorable and dirty public hospitals now rife with infections of all kinds. I am not a vendor but I see the need. (I am an inventor and writer, and have spent months researching this topic while realizing that most people have never heard of this “game changing” technology that could change how we cope with the Covid-19. Seems yet another covering over a real solution for the rapid transmission of a maddeningly contagious disease. )

Now this “Far-UVC” 222 nm lighting is being installed in Japan’s hospitals for all day use in occupied spaces, and soon to be installed in their airports and all travel terminals. This new, safe form of Far-UVC is now – just in the last month – being installed in New York and Australia, in shops, restaurants and cafes. It is the single best defense India might have, however unless and until there is major government funding you won’t see it in hospitals anytime soon. Perhaps some news of this lighting in a few swank hotels and eateries in New Delhi and Mumbai or at Tata’s headquarters etc. Please get this disinfectant lighting for yourself to protect yourself and your patients. I want to help make this happen so I am informing people individually as a small public service. USHIO is the company that made the 222 lights used in the scientific experiments, but many new brands are now emerging worldwide, including First UVC (China) Healthe,(USA) N-Lighten,(India) Acuity,( Europe and North America) Sterilray,(USA) EdenPark (USA) . It is barely on the mainstream news but you will see plenty if you search. It stands on decades of research, with the big breakthroughs in 2020. This needs to be urgently funded to protect India from airborne and surface transmission of viruses and bacterial contagions. I really pray things improve quickly for India’s doctors and patients. -Catherine Groves

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