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*The bottom line on medications for Alzheimer’s disease*

*The bottom line on medications for Alzheimer’s disease* By Vimal Aga, MD. Board-certified Geriatric psychiatrist and Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland, OR. *Overview of medications* Four medications are currently FDA-approved for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. 1. Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors (also called cholinesterase inhibitors): donepezil (Aricept), rivastigmine (Exelon), and galantamine (Razadyne). 2. […]

COVID-19 is primarily airborne, safety protocols should change urgently: Lancet report

BusinessToday.In | April 17, 2021 | Updated 12:58 IST The report has gone against the predominant scientific view which says that coronavirus spreads through smaller aerosols that remain suspended in the air or through fomites Share Share The paper was written by six experts from the US, the UK and Canada A report recently published […]

2021 – ‘Covid-19 has redefined airborne transmission’.

Lancet & British Medical Journal (BMJ) on 14th April 2021 – ‘Covid-19 has redefined airborne transmission’. These two articles compare and explain the meaning and difference between ‘aerosol’ and ‘droplet’ infections and ways to safeguard. Summary is that ‘aerosol’ lingers in the air whereas ‘droplets’ fall to surfaces. For the last one year, it was […]

Remdesvir distributor list

Remdesivir Distributor List State Distributor Name Address E-Mail Address Telephone Maharashtra A.N. PHARMA G1/G2, KANTI EMPIRE,LAL GODOWN, COLLEGE ROAD,VASAI (W),THANE.LBT NO 67 343 2011,VASAI (W),401202 subhas105@yahoo.in 9028088463 Maharashtra ATOR HEALTHCARE PVT. LTD. SONMUR APARTMENTS,DARUWALLA COMPOUND,S.V.ROAD,MALAD (W), MUMBAI,MALAD (W),400064 mahendra@ator.in 022-28662979 / 8 Maharashtra AAKANKSHA LOGISTICS PRIVATE LTD 1ST FLOOR,C\O MANTRI HOSPITALSURVEY NO 69 15.B.T. KAWADE […]


6. Features of Pneumonia- Temp>101 CRP Rapid rise of CRP Cough on day 3 5% fall in SPO2 after 6 min. walk. COVID SECOND WAVE 1. RT-PCR may be negative-(read ORF and N gene also as S gene may not be detectable). 2. Diagnosis- (If RT-PCR negative) —— Clinical symptoms, Serum Markers CT Chest. 3. […]

The Covid Story in Jamnagar: The Light in The Darkness

“The Darkest Hour has but sixty minutes.” Amongst all, the sad stories from India about the Covid numbers, I want to spread a story that would be inspiring and boost the morale of the people. If you are a resident or even an ex-resident of Jamnagar, Gujarat, India, take a bow. If you have been […]