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About covid vaccine. In short

Hi everyone. It’s been a few months now since anti – covid vaccination was started in our country. But even now, awareness remains poor and mixed messaging by the government and media has not helped. So I have compiled a list of some important and practical points about vaccination from my experience and research. Do […]

Covid management: in short

* Once covid is diagnosed get a baseline CBP, LFT, RFT, CRP, d Dimer, IL6 (if available), LDH, Ferritin, Trop T, ECG, baseline CXR and CT chest. Ask for replication score in RT PCR test. It indicates how infective you are for other people. Any score above 30 is generally non infectious especially if you […]

COVID19 Management Protocol

COVID19 Management Protocol School of Excellence in Pulmonary Medicine, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Medical College (NSCB Medical College) Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) Based on COVID19 Management Guidelines Issued by- MoHFW, Govt of India AIIMS, New Delhi Ministry of Health, Govt of Madhya Pradesh Authors Prof.Dr. Jitendra Bhargava, Director, School of Excellence in Pulmonary Medicine (SEPM), Netaji […]